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Greenthumb Connections is a leading practice in the business of recovering assets/funds for individuals and other entities. Our team of experienced professionals has a proven track record of success in this field and we are committed to providing excellent service to our clients. Our services include asset excess/overages, Tax deed sales, and foreclosures.  We are registered finders and work directly with the counties, courts and lawyers to expedite your funds as quickly as possible with absolutely no upfront cost to our clients. We only get paid on the back end and upon successful retrieval of said funds.

If we've found you, we've found                 your fortune


#1 Excess state funds recovery is a process in which individuals or businesses seek to recover funds that they have overpaid or are entitled to but have not received. This can occur in various situations: where there are vacant bank accounts, uncashed checks, insurance premiums, trust funds, escrow accounts, and more. The process of recovering excess funds typically involves submitting a claim or request for such monies and may require providing further documentation or other evidence to obtain these funds


#2 Tax deed surplus recovery is a process by which individuals or entities can reclaim money that was lost due to a tax deed sale. Tax deed sales happen when a property owner neglects to pay their property taxes, and as a result, the property is sold at a public auction. Investors can buy these tax deeds, and if the original property owner fails to redeem the property by paying the outstanding taxes, the investor becomes the new owner.


However, the original property owner may be entitled to any surplus funds from the tax deed sale depending on the tax deed laws of that particular state.  These surplus funds are any remaining monies after the outstanding taxes and fees have been paid to the county. These overages can be claimed by the original owner or other interested parties, such as lienholders, mortgage companies, heirs to the estate &, etc.


#3 Foreclosure overage, also known as foreclosure surplus, is the excess proceeds that remain after a foreclosed property is sold at a foreclosure auction. This surplus money belongs to the homeowner who was foreclosed upon, but often they are not aware of it or are unable to claim it. State laws vary on how foreclosure overage is handled, but typically the money is held by the court or county and may be subject to certain procedures, such as notification to the former homeowner and a claim period. 

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